Sketching in the Rain


Fountain pen, watercolor in Stillman + Birn Alpha Sketchbook, 6 X 8″

Last weekend we headed over to the open house at the goat farm to sketch, but it was closed due to rainy, soggy ground. Next stop, Julliard Park in Santa Rosa for the Japanese Arts Festival and a chance to practice sketching in the rain.  The performers were on stage under a tent and the audience under umbrellas.  I was under neither and initial sketching efforts of the judo demonstration afforded a valuable lesson:  namely that ink shapes dissolve quickly on saturated paper (not shown here).

But the rain stopped at some point and these delightful dancers came on stage and the ink settled again onto the paper.


These were from iPhone shots.  I wanted to capture the attitude of pure glee of the dancers!


At one point the performers taught the audience to do the dance moves. We were furiously sketching and looked up at one point to realize that the audience and dancers were circling around us as we sat on our stools in the wet grass, too absorbed to get up and join in.


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