Vernal Pools


acrylic inks, cheesecloth and paper collage and texture on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

What wonders hide in vernal pools –  salamanders and rivers of slimy things, algae and water beetles.  I’ll be a fairy, take my hollowed-out walnut shell, paddle out among the flowering water plants and nap in verdant shade.

The shopping, weed pulling, and bill paying can wait.  I’m here to meet a salamander and sit a while before the summer sun scorches out a spot with cement hard soil and torched grasses.

I am a bit late posting this painting from a month ago when the lands of the Laguna de Santa Rosa  below my house were brimming with rain waters and vernal pools were blooming with nature’s miracles after months and years of drought.  We are still getting some gentle rains from time to time and my garden resembles an English country garden more than the semi arid California landscape it will again become some time in June. Then I will need reminders of the vernal pools of spring.



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