Sketchin in the dark with no glasses


Pigma Sensei pen 1.0mm in 7 X 4″ sketchbook

Last week I got to bask in an evening of ecstatic poetry (Jallaladin Rumi’s and others) and music to “awaken delight in the heart and help restore the soul of the world,” Rumi’s Caravan is always a highpoint of the year and this year was no exception.

There’s always the question of whether one should even try to sketch during performances that are as transporting as this one. Mostly I didn’t sketch, but here’s some moments of pen action. These first crudest sketches turned out to be my favorites, capturing drama in the absence of precision.


I switched to a fine point pen for two of these and relaxed a bit into sketching the shadow shapes.


In these you can see I’m really focusing on leaving shapes open. I got out my water soluble ink fountain pen for the last sketches and hit some edges with the water brush before calling it a night and abandoning myself in the nectar of spoken word, music and even a dervish dancer!



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