Guitar Fest


fountain pen and watercolor in 8 X 16″ (full spread) hand-book w/c sketchbook

Ben (my son) and I went to the Sebastopol Guitar fest on January 30 and were treated to the finest folk music with virtuouso performances! Ben brought his guitar to attend the workshops, but I went along (I thought) to sketch musicians. They are after all the very best subject!

I was very busy listening and tapping my feet and trying to sketch .  Next time I hope I can get more of the lyrics down on paper as well!guitarfest1

OMG, this guy can play and tell stories.  I could sit all day listening to him. I got a little too fascinated with his shiny head. Oh well.


Sometimes I wonder what I must look like, sitting there sketching with that wild look in my eye. This baby certainly wasn’t thinking anything like that.  He was shrieking and bouncing and carrying on with absolute abandonment. Smart parents to have brought him along.


In my purse I now carry a fountain pen with water soluble ink, a water brush, a 8 X 6″ spiral sketchbook, and credit card sized flat w/c palette. Friday is my coffee date with the girls. They have learned to tolerate my sketching while we talk. This Friday we found ourselves at Hardcore Coffee, hippy central in Sebastopol.

kaiser2You can’t help but get a pretty good idea of what my life is like from looking at my sketchbooks. Here’s Kaiser medical visit, this time to the pharmacy. Here in California every sign is in English and Spanish. Only problem is I can’t spell when I’m drawing the letters!

Something about the overcoat on the man. . .it was after all a rainy day I think. . . but in the context of the woman next to him (who probably wasn’t actually next to him, because I just kept sketching without worrying too much about order) he appears to maybe be a flasher. That’s one of the best things about sketches. They turn into stories. . . true or false, they’re still engaging the imagination.


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