Where to Sketch When It’s Raining


I don’t want to complain about all this wonderful rain we’ve been getting, courtesy of El Nino.  It does however leave the habitual sketcher with the task of finding new and interesting public settings. I bring this little sketchbook in my purse in hopes of being inspired on my daily rounds. Here I’m sitting in my car, crowded behind the steering wheel in the Safeway parking lot, gazing through the sheets of rain at this familiar Sebastopol landmark.


Last week there were some Dr. visits for my family and myself, so waiting rooms providing some good subject matter.


And then I took some old jewelry to see if I could get some money for it, and noticed what an intriguing sketch subject the appraiser was! So I used my cell phone to snap a shot of him as he was doing his examining and weighing and keeping up a steady comic monologue. Later i sketched this from my cell phone pic (and memory) while watching TV. (OK, now you know my secret!)


Another rainy day Carole and I headed over to Shed in Healdsburg. They call themselves a modern day grange, but we were there for the constant visual candy of people and things. And of course we also had something to eat – a heaping plate of tiny multi-colored potatoes, pretty as a picture resting on a bed of swirled aioli and tomato sauce, with herbs sprinkled on top.Why didn’t I sketch that? Well, you probably know the answer. And, by the way, the stool WAS that pink.


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