In the Sketchbook


fountain pen and watercolor in handmade sketchbook 6X12″ spread

Poche, [poh-shey], the walls, columns, and other solids of a building or the like, as indicated on an architectural plan, usually in black.

The name of (my son) Andrew’s roomate cat, apropos an apartment of architects. It’s French of course (my keyboard doesn’t have the accent mark for the e), and derives from a word meaning a rough sketch. It also sounds like “poach”, as in steal? which relates to sketching in that one is “stealing” images. I often feel like a thief, sort of. But I can’t help myself.


More sketches over the holidays. . .this was a day jaunt to Berkeley with Bob, starting out with lunch on 4th St., followed by window shopping and coffee at Peet’s.


Who says being in a wheelchair is a handicap? Not for this grandma whose lap made the nicest cosiest playground for a grandson (I assume). Both looked so warm and happy on this cold, cold day.


Bob was looking dapper in my green knit cap. Maybe I’ll let him have it.


Another day a hike at spring Lake and Howarth Park in Santa Rosa and a gaggle of geese and swans with children to enjoy them.


It could be frustrating to try to sketch on a cold and rainy day, but there’s always the inside of the car.

A friend just gave me the most wonderful book, “Meanwhile in San Francisco” by Wendy MacNaughton. Charming sketches of life in the city.


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