Random Acts of Jazz


Sailor Fude Fountain Pen and w/c in 6X6″ custom made sketchbook (full spread)

 Bob and Ben and I caught a break in the rain storms for a day in San Francisco to combine listening to jazz and sketching. Random Acts of Jazz, a mini-jazz festival featuring top-notch musicians on several different street corners in a shopping district on Fillmore St. The music was so engaging, it practically did the sketching for me!


I’m working on this sketching-standing technique.


It helped to have something to lean against for balance, and to stand in the sun (for warmth) but have the face in the shade so you’re not looking directly into the sun. Meanwhile Bob and Ben were getting treats in the bakery.



Here we actually had a bench to sit on directly in front of the group! I wish I could capture the expressions on the musicians’ faces. They were so completely absorbed in the music that each passage evoked a corresponding movement of such emotional intensity. The faces and hands of musicians are the flash points of feeling that are visible to the onlooker who is lucky enough to be close.


We also got to eat at a favorite restaurant, Dosa, with south Indian fare. Yum!  I guess I’m a wee bit tired of sketching people at tables in restaurants, so I tackled the city scene out the window with all the fun signage.

The paper in my new sketchbook (made by Bob) is Fluid Watercolor Paper, CP.  The wet color moves around on the surface to give more working time, and with this new (drum leaf) binding, the book opens flat with no stitching, so you can paint across the gutter (as in the first and fourth sketch here).

Time to wish you a Merry Christmas! and get that pumpkin pie in the oven.




  1. Merry Christmas, I loved this posting and sent it on to a couple of my friends in San Francisco. I know they will enjoy it too. See you on Monday, Did we set a time? Georganne

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