Fort Mason


Sailor fountain pen, watercolor in 6 X 6″ handmade sketchbook

A lovely day at Fort Mason on the bay in San Francisco with artist friends started with shopping at the new Flax store, picking out art papers.


Lunch at Greens Restaurant, where you look out on the bay while eating lovely seasonal vegetarian faire that is presented like a painting.  What do you sketch in a restaurant but the people, starting with the person across from you. The food disappears too quickly!


Next we enjoyed The Forty Part Motet, a sound installation by Janet Cardiff at SF MOMA.  Forty speakers in a large circle, each the recording of a single voice in a choir. As you walk around the room, the person-height speakers, seem to take on the qualities of the voices coming from them. This is “church music” to make your spine quiver and soul take flight, as you stand as if in the midst of the choir.


Next door is the Interval Bar and Cafe, a great place to stop for coffee before heading north across the Golden Gate toward Sonoma Co.  It took a while till we could figure out this place (not sure I have yet).  Home of the Long Now Foundation supporting long term thinking and the 10,000 year clock, and the most fascinating coffee shop/bar I’ve ever been in. The girl with the antler ears was sitting in a leather cushioned booth.  I wanted to stay all afternoon looking at the steam punky/futuristic decor and sketching.

I’m loving my new fountain pen and taking advantage of reading the tutorial on all matters fountain pen-wise on Liz Steele’s blog. I had no idea there was so much to learn about using a fountain pen.  For instance, using the pen at different angles, how to hold the pen for calligraphy versus for sketching and so much more!


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