On the Farm and in Santa’s Village


fountain pen and watercolor in handmade 6 X 6″ w/c sketchbook

Time to move on from the unhappy clown face in the last post! I was itching to use more red paint and try out a new fountain pen and got the opportunity last weekend at two local events for families in Sonoma County. The first was “Holiday on the Farm” at Shone Farm, the agricultural program of Santa Rosa Jr. Collage.

This Sailor Fude de Mannen pen, actually a calligraphy pen with a wild crazy nib on it, takes some getting used to, but I love it! I have only water soluble ink cartridges so far so skin tone tends to go gray when you wash color up against the ink line.


The Santa here (naturally dark skinned!) was showing off one of the Tiny Houses   which will be student housing on the farm where they’re working and learning.


Next we headed over to Montgomery Village’s Santa’s Village.  Funny how sketching gets you out doing things you wouldn’t normally be interested in. My own kids would never let me get near a mall Santa when they were little. This little fellow wasn’t happy about it either, but I was secretly grateful because it took so long for the picture to be taken that I had time to get a few lines down!

The baby (on the right) on the other hand was charmed by Mrs. Claus with her warm smile. Too bad he turned out in my drawing to look like a little old man!  Babies are hard subjects.


Just imagine, if I hadn’t gone out sketching, I never would have met the Wish Fairy, who solemnly bestowed (some might say “wasted”) a wish on me and sprinkled me with fairy dust.  I was anxious to get the ink on the paper with the sparkley dust and took a quick picture, which I sketched from my phone while warming up in a cafe with hot tea and pumpkin nut bread.


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