Spray paint


sprayed walnut ink and fluid acrylic and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

You obsess over the details. There are so many, all demanding equal attention. You can blow your whistle, of course, make them line up against the wall or arrange themselves in neat grids. But then they just get bored and break out of formation, leaving their caps and shoes where they’re hard to find.  it gets to be one big mess.

. . .until you look up one moment, and the details have  finally arranged themselves in some pattern that has you exclaiming “Well, I’ll be. . .!”

I love to watch people who seem to work on paintings without the long (obsessive?) pauses which afflict me. Me, I like an ordered painting, but I am also energized by chaos. And there’s been a bit of extra chaos at home, what with the holidays, and that worked its way into the writing here as well as the art.

We’ve been playing with spraying paint in the Monday group, using stencils and various resists. A bit of fluid acrylic or ink mixed with some water and sprayed from a small spray bottle is a fun way to get paint on fast and textured.


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