Encrypted Message


acrylic, collage (painted screen material) on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

encrypted message

to save the land and the sea,

the mountains and trees

the very air we breathe 

when the time is ripe

it will open the door

The obsession with GOLD remains. I was looking for a way to make gold mesh and found three easy-to-obtain materials to paint:  1) cheesecloth, 2)a mesh fabric you can buy at the fabric store, and 3)light-weight window screen material (available as yardage cut from a roll at the hardware store).

You can use the mesh as a stencil to sponge paint through and also as collage pieces to cut and glue.

The gold “sky” in the piece above was created by painting over a piece of cheesecloth with two shades of gold acrylic.  The screen material is gray, but I painted it gold and also black, which resulted in the random markings seen here.


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