Medieval Games


A 50 minute drive on windy mountain roads led to Gualdo Tadino, a town on the side of a mountain and its Medieval Festival parade and games. Climbing steeply up from the parking lot we joined the crowds lining the parade route. Every aspect of medieval life was represented from nobility and merchant class to peasants, from Ottoman rulers to Genghis Khan.  From a towering witch-like character and the dreadful bodies dead from the plague, to beekeepers,winemakers, and weavers.  Gods and goddesses, witches and Devils and holy men and women. Squads of drummers and horn players of different ages.


The costumes were made of silks and brocades, velvets and real furs, and invisible structures holding up impossibly large hats. Everyone was participating in some way, and the excitement was infectious.


One of my favorite floats here.  I assume she is the plague and these guys sprawled out are the victims?


Donkey races followed and were watched with as much suspense as soccer games.


Go, Green and Yellow Team!





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