Spello and Wine Tasting


Dr. Lodovico Mattoni, Presidente, Terre de Trinci winery

I live in California wine country where my favorites have names like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.  In Umbria you develop a reverence for Sagrantino, and if you’re lucky, as we were, you get a tour from two wine experts, Alvaro Standardi, retired professor of viticulture and his old friend, vintner, Lodovico Mattoni. The “Ugolino” was particularly spectacular and the bottle which made it home with me to California is under lock and key until my husband deems an occasion worthy to open it.


Next stop was Spello, yet another Roman/medieval town in the region.  I particularly loved the entrance which preserved the true Roman conqueror spirit.


Another lunch, on the edge of the town wall with a view of the patchwork of Umbrian valley and mountains below and beyond.  Each town in the regions I traveled had a medieval fort on the hilltop.  During centuries of invasions, the villagers would scramble up the hill to seek asylum in the fort before the invaders arrived.


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