To Meet an Angel


You are probably as surprised as I was to see this angel sitting in the piazza in front of the great Basilica di Santa Chiara in Assisi. Of course I grabbed my camera, and this is what happened. Turns out she is a woman dressed quite convincingly as an angel, who sits at the a table in the middle of the piazza and writes prayers for pilgrims as they approach her.


I figured that doing a sketch of her would work as well.


The Basilica is one of several great pilgrimage sites in Assisi filled with precious religious art. This crucifix hangs over the main altar, glowing and radiant, inviting contemplation of suffering and redemption.


We made many trips to Assisi, and often were there at lunch time, trying out different restaurants with their golden pastas and truffle sauces, and ending with . . .


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