Back to the beginning: Rome to Assisi and home for the month


Roma Termini (Rome train station)

Using the Pano feature on my iPhone camera I wanted to capture some of the transit madness I experienced on that first day in Rome as I made my way to Assisi.  For more on the California-Rome trip and sketches, go back to an earlier post.


This was my arrival in Assisi, where I was picked up by Marina and driven up through the town of Assisi perched on the hill and twenty minutes up a windy road through forests and past farms to the residence. There are signs as you come up the white stone road.  One says “Artestudio Ginestrelle:  Artist Hospitality”.  In the month I lived there I came to realize the full blessing of that description. Another sign at the property driveway:


If you look at the property from below after a good rain, this is what you’ll see:


The residence, built around 1800 and beautifully restored has kitchens and a large living room on the ground floor, artist bedrooms on the second floor and an art studio on the top floor. The building you see on the right is an open air studio.


From the front of the residence is this view of the neighboring land and mountain beyond, all of which lies within the boundaries of Mount Subasio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


I settled right into my room, which I fell instantly in love with for its monk-like simplicity, an effortless blend of nature, art, and history, and of course, comfort.  I couldn’t wait to collapse on that bed with it beautiful ironed sheets.  Artist hospitality had only just begun.

Tomorrow:  breakfast at Ginestrelle and exploring the mountain


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