Back home again


The bags are unpacked, laundry done, passion vines trimmed away from the door of my studio, email from a month finally read, and I’m once again enjoying being home.  This is not to say there isn’t still a big chunk of me sitting in that chair by the window in the Artestudio Ginestrelle, gazing out at the mountain.  While the month is still fresh in sensory memory, and now that I once again have a responsive internet and my familiar computer, I intend to share the residency experience in more depth as I had originally intended.  So please stay tuned!

Art Trails Open Studios, which I have been participating in for about 13 years, begins next weekend, but my studio will not be open.  You are invited however to see a new exhibition of my paintings, just installed two days ago at the beautiful La Crema Tasting Room in Healdsburg, located in the first block south of the Healdsburg plaza. An artist reception and wine tasting will be sheduled for later this fall. This spacious venue is an opportunity to showcase some of my larger works, including the dyptich “Alvus”.


I will be resuming my workshop schedule this month.  You can find more information and dates on my website.  There are still openings in the monthly Saturday Workshops.  This next is scheduled for Oct. 17.



  1. Welcome back!

    ….including the dyptich “Alvus”

    alvus f ‎(genitive alvī);

    The belly, bowels, paunch; excrement; flux, diarrhoea.
    The stomach, digestive organs.
    The womb; matrix (of a fruit).
    A hollow, cavity.
    The hold or hull of a ship or boat.
    A beehive.

    Is this what you are talking about?


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