Residency Art


There are three of us visual artists sharing the studio on the third floor of our residency. It’s a large attic room with two big windows that are always open wide to let the light and cool breezes in. The view is of green forest and blue mountains and always big sky drama. When my feet get tired I pull up a comfortable chair, prop my feet up on the thick window sill to sketch and day dream. Hours go by in this way.

I’ve finished my painting for the annual exhibition and the rest is up to me. We artists joke about needing to “get work done” on those days when we’re not visiting sights in towns. There’s that feeling of needing something to show for the time spent in this heavenly art spot. I find that after being romanced by walks in hill towns that are like time machines, with art and gelato stops along the way, and jaw dropping vistas, my efforts at painting are simply trying to capture some of that passion on paper.

Though I certainly brought gold paint with me, I of course had to buy some Italian gold as well. These paintings are small, so that I can bring them home with me in luggage. Larger work will no doubt evolve back in the home studio in California.



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