A Taste of Florence


First day in Florence we walked many kilometers trying to get our bearing and finally escaped the crowds to find a restaurant in a narrow street.  Beginners luck! I ordered pistachio pesto and shrimp tagliatelle and broke my rule of no wine at lunch. The guy with the crazy cap and pointy chin sat down at the table near us, and I sketched furiously.  Later I saw him selling his paintings to the tourist crowds. I tried to capture the Italian way of talking with not only expressive facial movements but also hand mannerisms. Italians so enjoy the art of verbal communication that one can listen even to a heated argument, not understanding a word of Italian, and enjoy the pure theatre of it!


By the time we reached the Piazza Della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio I was glistening with sweat and desperate to sit down.  In the Loggia there were marble steps among the sculptures. I picked the closest one and got out my pen. The golden brown ink has been my favorite here for its soft golden line which melts with the watercolor application and harmonizes with the warm stone and marble.

Just a note here. . .I read and enjoy all your comments here.  Due to extreme wifi slowness, I am not answering yet, but hope that won’t deter you.

A couple of clarifications here. . . I am still on Mount Subasio in Assisi for another nine days before returning to my California home.  And yes, I visited the mind blowing Uffizi Museum in Florence.



  1. I am reliving our trip to Italy through your comments and enjoying every moment….except the sweating part
    I journaled but did less sketching and more photography. It would be fun to compare notes when you get home…keep enjoying


  2. Nice work Susan! Glad you’re having a ball. It’s been too long since I visited Italy. I’m envious but enjoying your journey.


  3. HI Susan. I’ve been in Italy also. Returned on 9-19 filled with images of the experiences I encountered in Italy. It’s been fun to see your sketches and hear of your journey in Italy. How great that you get to stay for an extended period. I thought of contacting you for a get together but felt that I needed to slow down rather than add one more thing to my schedule. We spent 5 nights in Rome, 5 nights in Florence and 4 nights in Sorrento before returning to the USA. Now I’m trying to get over jet lag. Going for an accupuncture treatment today.


  4. Only nine days left? Wow, I’m sure I can’t believe it! Wonderful that you escaped, off the tourist track. It is what makes the magic of travel come alive! Here’s to nine more day of magic!


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