Back from Florence

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  • I’m back on the mountain here in Assisi after four days of travel, to Spello and wine tasting and then three days in Florence.  Today I’m digesting the experiences – the art, the food and wine, the crowds, the confusions and the delights of travel.  I just decided that humility is the most valuable attitude to have while traveling abroad. Things rarely turn out the way you expect, but are often, at least in hindsight, far better. When I return to a REAL computer and REAL internet connection, this will unfold in a way I can share, with some photos and lots of sketches.

The above picture is for the catalogue of the Artestudio Ginestrelle annual exhibition in the beautiful palace on the Piazza del Comunale in Assisi.  The picture is of a section of an accordian hanging that is about 8 feet long.  Using acrylic inks and acrylics, applied with droppers, brushed and scrapers I painted connected shapes from some sensory memory of the nature here on the mountain.



  1. Gorgeous work, Susan. I am enjoying (vicariously) your time in Assisi, one of my favorite Italian hill towns. You are certainly making the most of your time there, and I’m eager to see what you will show us before too long. Ciao!


  2. I think this is stunning. I love the color, the way the veggies weave in and out, and the dynamic look of this. Thanks again for taking us with you on your journey!


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