Packed. . .almost


I’m driving myself a bit crazy trying to make decisions about what to take.   Tomorrow I leave for Italy and a month’s artist residency in Assisi.

I’ve been trying out various bags and pens and books for months now, and here is what got juried in:  an Eagle Creek day pack that even has room for a water bottle and my tiny collapsible stool and secret compartments for money, etc. The sketchbook is handmade by my husband with the hot press watercolor paper.


These are the basic art supplies which will go in the checked luggage.  With clothes for the month and more, it’s getting a bit heavy.  I picture myself dragging two (they’re small, but. . .) suitcases through the chaotic Rome train station. . .but they are on wheels!

There’s some last minute looking through a phrase book to get some basic Italian phrases, Google translate app, podcasts downloaded for listening while traveling.  If you are one of the many friends who have offered advise for the trip, thank you!  I think I’m ready.

Please join me on this trip – next post will be from Assisi.


  1. Susan…have a magnficent adventure! so enjoy keeping in touch with you and your art via your website, blog and frequent e-mails. I look forward to traveling (vicariously) through Italy with you. Artfully yours, Penny!

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  2. Can hardly wait, Italy here we come! Always love to travel along even if it is vicariously. Wonderful adventures and safe travels.


  3. Have a wonderful time Susan! Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Would you share the name of your stool, and what paints you are bringing? : )


  4. Thanks for sharing your art and your strategies for packing supplies!

    the lower shot looks like fluid acrylic bottles, just wondering, never seen these type of bottles for watercolour up here in Canada.


    Have a great time! >


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