Local Color


Lamy Safari fountain pen with black cartridge ink (water soluble) in Moleskin w/c sketchbook

The welcoming folks at the Bunny Barn (no longer a business) let us sit and sketch their lop ears.  I remember going there years ago when my boys were little and we were into raising bunnies.  It’s hard to look at these sweet fluffy lop ears without wanting to just pet them.  But they were wonderful models, fixing a pose for a while and moving only the nose, which twitched out some kind of message we couldn’t understand.


There’s just something about bunnies that reminds me of children’s books, and stuffed animals of course, though it should be the other way around!


Here you have a whole spread from the same sketchbook.  THere’s a coffee place in town – Hard Core Coffee with not only some of the best and most reasonably priced coffee in town, but the biggest collection of characters and recycled . . . stuff! from rusty fire trucks to hippy art.  I had lots of time to sketch this one over a lingering cup of coffee with my usual Friday morning coffee girlfriends.



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