Heavy body acrylics on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

The secrets behind closed doors – they’re the ones that entice us to take a closer look.  This was the idea behind this recent lesson, which explored the notion of windows and doors, of openings into other worlds.  Rather than keep you in too much suspense, I’ll open the window for you.


You get the idea, I’m sure.  “A Young Man” by Botticelli.  He reminded me of my two sons.


Two mixed media pieces, glued together with window openings

And if you open those windows, you see. . .


We hide too much behind closed doors, locked and bolted. We even forget where we put the key. Better that way, we think.

But “I believe that somewhere in the darkest night ” of those locked closets, concealed behind layers of curtains and outmoded clothes, there’s an open window where we can

Gaze in at the pain.  You think it will bite you. 

Gaze in at the anger.  You think it will burn you

even though it’s  been biting and burning you for all these many years.

Open wide those windows and gaze in.


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