A week in Ashland, OR


Carbon platinum pen, watercolor in 8 X 8″ Handbook w/c sketchbook

A week in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival started out with what turned out to be our favorite play “The Happiest Song Plays Last”.  (The Last was First??)  Although my husband assured me I was free to sketch on this shared vacation with him, this did not include sketching during performances. But I’ll share the quick sketches I did manage to fit in.


The “street people” turned out to be the best subjects, but I was not brazen enough to stand in front of this guy and sketch.  I never saw another sketcher while there. So I quickly snapped a picture and sketched this in the hotel room, using my Lamy cartridge pen with the ink that “melts” when you wet it.


Sketched on the spot and finished later with details from a photo I took.  This one-man act, performing in the daily free concert on the Green Stage, combined Native American dance and song with Rap – an interesting combination!


fountain pen w/c, gouache, in 5/5″X8″ Toned Tan Strathmore sketchbook

Once the food comes, the drawing stops.  I’m not one to let my food get cold while I sketch it!  The white is a Presto Jumbo Correction Pen.


There was a heat wave, and luckily we had a pool to soak in during the afternoons.  Sunbathing bodies are always a favorite subject, especially when sleeping, so they can’t see what you’re doing!


A super-hot afternoon in the park, and we actually got a spot in the shade on a bench in front of this cellist.  I was quite happy with my drawing until I started to put the white on his hair.  The heat had melted or boiled and pressurized the correction fluid so that it spurted and globbed!  There was nothing to do but move the white around the page, which actually created the sensation of movement.


Finding another shady spot we watched a frisbee game.  I abandoned the white goo and just dipped my waterbrush into a tube of white gouache, discovering that I really liked the effect.


Our last dinner was back at the brewery and it was still very hot despite the fans, and noisy with Saturday night diners/drinkers. I got in one more sketch before the food came.


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