Art Loves Transitions


powdered graphite, black india ink, fluid acrylic, gesso on w/c paper, 11 x 10″

Wound up and ready to go. A massive journey or short walk. It’s all the same. One must simply go. It feels like it’s time.  A plane ride, a new place to set a hat or a computer. Does it really matter where in this wired world? Only that it is a new adventure/venture, a place for talents to unfurl and lessons to be learned. . .about this life. . .until the next arrives. . .

As it has for a dear one.  We watch as slowly she crosses over life’s threshold. And for a while we share her steps.

Art loves times of transition. It leaps forward to express that which cannot be spoken or yet understood. You may have your own story to weave about this image and the words that came with it. My own involves the immanent launching of a son into his world, and bearing witness to the passing of his grandmother, whose every word is a blessing to those who will carry on after her.

It’s the stuff that fills up the heart. So yesterday in that great-hearted Monday Afternoon Muse group, I got to play my way into the art. The lesson was to use powdered graphite (powdered pencil “stuff”), sprinkling it on wet and dry paper and then spritzing it with water, mixing with acrylic mediums, etc. to get an interesting textured surface to develop. I hadn’t meant to see a figure, but after I’d finger-painted for a while, there it was, unmistakably.


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