J.M.W. Turner art exhibit and Jazz at Yoshi’s


fountain and brush pens, watercolor in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook, 5.5×8″

A group of art friends went to the De Young museum in S.F. to see a stunning exhibition of Turner’s oils and watercolors. Glowing skies and surging seas, and small watercolor paintings unlike any other watercolors I’ve seen. Simple and yet extraordinarily complex at the same time.

After the viewing and fortified by lunch we sat in the gardens. I chose to sketch something that wasn’t in motion.  How restful that is (for a change).


Practicing decorative architecture on a strict time budget here.  We wanted to get back to Sonoma Co. before rush hour.  If only I’d spent 30 more seconds doing some measuring. . .the statue on top would not have loomed to lopsidedly large!


Later in the week Bob and I went to Yoshi’s restaurant and jazz club in Oakland to hear Arturo Sandoval.  While waiting to get our seats, I caught the scene at the sushi bar while standing, barely out of the crush of people lining up. Painted it in later.


This guy is one of those Jazz legends who seem to have music pouring out of every cell in his body!  I kept trying to sketch this posture during the performance, but I couldn’t get it  – wasn’t close enough, view blocked, etc. – so next day I found a picture of exactly the pose online and did a quick sketch.



  1. Susan, I know I sound like a broken record—but your sketches blow me away! You always seem to capture individuals’ personalities in their postures. They live! How I wish I lived within striking distance so I could work with you.

    All my best,

    Judi in LA


    1. Yes, Carol, I saw the movie, and I wish I hadn’t in some ways. It didn’t add to my appreciation of Turner’s art to see him characterized as so curmudgeonly. Did you see it?


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