acrylics with Pouring Medium, black gesso, collage, dip pen and ink on w/c paper 10 X 11″

He thinks I’m weird!? (I’d have to agree.)  We both are.  He is made of the same elements as I, the same energetic flow, the same fire of Pitta, the same molten temper. . . why, even the same white hair!  His power is from the same source as mine.  

Perhaps we should join forces.

I don’t actually think of myself as someone who is drawn to the grotesquely creepy and I stay away from much of television drama which is!  But occasionally the grotesque comes flowing off my brush and there’s nothing to do but embrace it. I was demonstrating acrylic flow medium and pouring acrylics onto the page.  Some of my mixtures were apparently a bit old and they started to interact in diabolical ways. Minutes later they were still moving, like some kind of creepy Zombie army.

Fast forward to the next week when the lesson was “Black Gesso”, that fully opaque and velvety matte acrylic paint, which not only serves as a wonderful ground to begin a painting on, but also is useful in rescuing a failed one.

So with a brush loaded with black gesso I attempted to rescue my demon.  After all, we all need to embrace our shadow sides, or so say not only the therapists but even my Buddhist teacher!

Meanwhile my class did far more beautiful creations with their gesso, poured acrylics and collage, which I’m happy to share here.


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