Butterfly Lady


Citrasolved papers (using a stencil), fluid acrylics, inks with dip pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Butterfly lady lost a wing, setting in motion unexpected changes. Her eggs got replaced by moons, and the children who had been orbiting around her began to float off in new directions.

She is not dismayed. One wing is more than enough for a while.  She waits patiently and watchfully for a new wing to appear, or perhaps the old one will fly back to her.

I got this idea for Citrasolv collage technique from another artist’s blog victoryroad.com.  She spells out the process clearly on her blog so I won’t repeat it here.  Previously I’d always dissolved the National Geographic inks with Citrasolv and then used the pages for collage.  In this method you can collage the Natl Geo pages on first, then apply the Citrasolv and even wipe away the inks using a stencil.  Easy and fun!


This was my first one.  The inks didn’t dissolve except where I used the stencil.  Another interested effect.


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