Camp Winnarainbow 2015


fountain pen and watercolor in Strathmore mixed media sketchbook, 5.5 X 8in

Camp Winnarainbow.  Fun to be a kid at camp again, sleep in a teepee, do arts and crafts and dance class and Zen clowning, and swim in the lake when it gets too hot and wear costumes, oh, and sketch!


Wavy Gravy still at it!  Officiating at a game of Beach Blanket Bingo by Lake Veronica.


Hearty delicious meals under the trees with Wavy reading poetry in the morning and “cabaret” performances in the evening.


Back at home I had more time to sketch, from my pictures, some of my favorite camp personalities, like Mr. YooWho. . .


Hiroko, the Butoh teacher.


J. J. Crashbang


Juan Too Many

Other art projects at camp. . .felted dreadlocks and rainbow tie dye t-shirts.  Now that I’m home again, I’ve shed some of my hippy dippiness, but in my heart of hearts. . .


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