Russian River Rose Garden and Dance Romp

rosegarden2fountain pen, watercolor, and gel pens in Strathmore w/c sketchbook 8 X 10″

Between the deer and the bugs and clogged irrigation tubing I never had much of a chance to have thriving roses in my own garden, and finally I gave up.  So it’s delightful to be able to visit a truly gorgeous rose garden, inhale the intoxicating scents and feast the eyes on the rainbow colors.  Last weekend’s sketch-venture took us out to the Russian River Rose Company where we also enjoyed a remarkable dance performance amidst the roses by the UPside Dance Company.


two page spread, 10 X 16″

After adding my own remembrance prayer (for my mother) to the Memorial Wishing Tree, I sat in the shade of a rose arbor and sketched the “wishes/prayers” blowing in the gentle breeze while mothers enjoyed a peaceful time with their children.  Later I sketched the distillation apparatus on the next page and by the time I finished, it had grown to giant size!


The first two sketches were done on site.  But the dance performance was impossible to sketch in real time, so I did this one later from my photo. The early American dance theme was about girls who were fighting over a quilt and finally they wrapped themselves up in it and went to sleep.  Brilliantly performed!

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