A Single Tree


acrylics and collage on gesso textured w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Years ago I bought some Golden brand Micaceous Iron Oxide fluid acrylic because I loved how it imitated the effect of a rock surface with its gritty gray mica surface.  But recently I was shown Chris Cozen’s book Acrylic Solutions where she gives recipes for mixing acrylics to make “patina” colors.

Patina.  The metallic look, the subtle light catching sparkle, the appearance of aged, worn shiny surfaces.  I learned that if you have a gold acrylic and micaceous iron oxide you have the ingredients to make all your acrylics do the patina thing by mixing them with these paints.  Silver and copper also make great mixtures with the other acrylic colors.

In my workshops we’ve had exciting results with patina experiments.  We made color charts to keep track of the mixtures.  I’m going to share a couple of them here, (even though they weren’t made for the purpose of sharing online) just to help you get the idea.  Hopefully if you like this, you can discover your own patina mixtures!



I particularly like the warm “neutrals” like Micaceous Iron Oxide, Iridescent Gold Deep and Transparent Red Iron Oxide.

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