Big Head Selfie


fountain pen with Noodlers Golden Brown ink and watercolor in Strathmore sketchbook, 8 X 5″

Something about the whole Selfie craze rubs me the wrong way, but I was really wanting to try another of Lapin’s Big Head (little body) portraits as assigned in the latest Sketchbook Skool Kourse.  And I’d already asked my husband to pose for me, and he’s the only one at home now, so . . .it was Selfie time.  This is why you see so many artist self portraits.  They do it out of desperation when there’s no one else around to draw!

So while still in my pajamas i went out to my studio and took a picture in Photo Booth and did a quick sketch with color from the monitor.

I think it looks like me (when I’m smiling without my teeth showing, which is rarely and only because I don’t want to have to draw teeth!) When I showed it to my husband, he said, “Interesting, but it doesn’t look anything like you.”  which is something to ponder.  The me that he sees apparently bears no resemblance to the one I see.  But hopefully it is more beautiful?!


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