Searching for a Story to Sketch


nib pen and ink, Japanese brush pen, watercolor on 140 HP paper in handmade sketchbook 8X10″(spread)

On a recent sunny afternoon I went looking for some sketch stories in the park.  It wasn’t hard to capture individual people, but more difficult to get the family groups that were more active.


Sketching the line of people ordering at the bakery (while sipping coffee and eating butterscotch yum! pudding)


And then moving to the bench out front.


This older gentleman had a very heavy lumbering gait which I wanted to capture


Finally a story to record!  There was something in the posturing and weight shifting of the man and the way the woman was clutching the ice cream cup to her heart which suggested flirtation.  They seemed to be enjoying it enough that I actually had at least 5 min. to sketch it!


Noodlers Golden Brown ink with nib pen, sketched from a photo I took

Another day, visiting my mother in law at the nursing home.  I had picked her a rose in the garden and she was enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Later I sketched from the picture I took with my iPhone.



  1. Susan, I so enjoy your journal entries. Your sketches fill me with inspiration to document my own life including all of the hidden drama therein. Thank-you for sharing yourself to the world.


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