Sunday Afternoon Sketch Tour


Pilot fountain pen, Pentel Brush pen, watercolor on Arches HP paper

We arrived at the Farmer’s Market in the Sebastopol plaza just a bit before closing of the booths and found these musicians warming up an already warm day with their infectious Caribbean sound.  Lucky us, we found an umbrella with shade across from them, set up our mini-three-legged stools and started sketching like mad, while dancers in the crowd got maddeningly in the way!  I was going for more energetic open lines with the three drummers and finished this much on site.  The  woman was added later from a picture I took and you can really tell the difference – more accuracy and less of the feeling of the moment.


The farmers were packing up their stalls and the musicians moved over to the gazebo stage.  We sat for a few more minutes, sketching in pen and later I added color. The lead musician, Wilfred Marks gave me his card, Dance Kaiso.  Next time I’d like to put down my sketchbook and dance to their music!

Next stop was Hard Core coffee for a caffeine boost, followed by the Antique Society, “Sonoma County’s Largest Antique Collective”.  I thought it might be restful to sketch something that would sit still.  This place definitely fit the bill, and even had furniture for us to sit on.


I found a stool in the back and perched while sketching this scene.  I liked the pillbox hat, the shoes and portrait in particular, but then just kept going. . .


And then it was definitely time to call it a day.  Sketching in public is exciting, because it is so demanding, but quite exhausting as well.  And I can’t wait for the next outing!

I’m using my new handmade 5X8″ sketchbook made by my husband.  The last one had BFK Rives paper in it, which was not the best for the kind of watercolor painting I do.  I’m enjoying the 140 lb hot pressed watercolor paper more.  I’m not going for smooth washes,which you can get with cold pressed paper, and I like the smooth surface of HP for drawing with a pen.  I guess I’ve abandoned spiral sketchbooks (except for using up the ones I have) for good now, since I can sketch larger and use the whole spread which makes a decent size at 8 X 10″, but doesn’t take up any more room in the bag.



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