Whale Solidarity


We swim in formation, fins linked and tuned to each other.  It feels right that way.  It keeps us on course, finding the feeding waters.  And when one of us gets snagged and goes aground, we don’t shout “oh you stupid!  Why didn’t you stay with us?!”  We circle round, do what we can, form a unbroken ring until . . . the waters rise. Our friend is freed, and we are as well.

Another ocean dream.  I spot a whale, caught in something and grounded on the shore.  As I look up I see a line of whales out to the horizon, a gesture of overwhelming love and solidarity.

The Muse Group lesson is about printing with stamps of all sorts, from linoleum block to vegetables and more.  I carve a whale stamp out of the soft, eraser-like material and stamp a bunch of whales, which I cut out to use for collage.  Other handmade stamps serve for the ocean and shore textures. The swirling gold orb is a dried blob of gold paint (skins) I have saved to use as a collage piece.


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