Pirate Ship


acrylic and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Warrior woman searches the sky for storm clouds and enemy vessels, while I watch from shore, sketchbook in hand.

This was actually a color lesson featuring violet as the dominant hue.  The nautical theme inserted itself at some point – no doubt a connection with the fact that this Sunday I’m planning to participate in a Meet Up of urban sketchers in Sausalito to sketch the Lady Washington, an 18th century sailing ship replica with credits including Pirates of the Caribbean.  Here’s the details if you want to come.  Pirate Ships in Sausalito

The subtext is that I am not such a good sailor. I did acquire a love of boating from my dad, who was a Norwegian (Minnasotan) with a passion for boats. And I grew up with boat trips on rivers and lakes and later the Sacramento Delta.  But the open sea makes me queasy just thinking about it.  As in other matters of life, however, I am quite good at imagining more freedom than I actually have, and becoming that maiden with the golden sword in hand.


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