“Angelus”, Acrylic and collage on textured canvas, 10″X 30″

Most of us feel the need to call on angels at times.  One dark and gloomy day during the holidays I went out to my studio feeling leaden and a bit oppressed.  I wanted to paint angels. I could almost see the radiant garments and wanted to touch them with my brush.  It felt like an indulgence that might lift my spirits. I started with some gesso and molding paste texture and then painted lavishly with new “patina” mixtures, iridescents and rich darks.


“Angelus II”

Both angels hung above the sink in my studio for a while before flying off to the home of a buyer. Now I’m left with a blank wall and a strong desire to paint more Angelus (Latin for angel).



  1. As someone who also has angels show up in my paintings…. I LOVE these angels! Especially like how the angels contrast with the dark background, and those threads of color…


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