Stoves and coffee shops


Lamy Safari fountain pen and watercolor in Strathmore w/c sketchbook 5 X 7″

We finally replaced our old stove, which could only be lit with a match, and installed a new exhaust fan.  It became an opportunity for a sketch of the “everyday matters” variety.  I’m having some trouble with my fountain pen lines, which are sometimes too fine. I go over them and then the drawing looks insecure.


My insecurity is showing here as well.  Sketched from up above on the balcony, it was a great angle though.  My son and husband and I were there for coffee.  They did stuff on their computers while I sketched and texted pictures to my other son who wasn’t with us.  We fit right into coffee shop/internet cafe ambiance.


Another day, this baby was on his father’s lap, one seat away from me at the coffee bar.  The father said nothing as I brazenly scribbled and flirted with his son.


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