I am a rocket sitting in dock.


acrylic inks on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I am a rocket sitting in dock, sending and receiving signals, text messages, radio waves, energy signatures.

I am a dam holding onto a Niagara of feelings, my own and others.

I am a presence in this kingdom, sending out prayer flags to harness the grace of the winds, gathering the forces for take off.

I am a captive in these cords holding me on the earthly plane.

So I decorate my balcony, look out my picture window and imagine the freedom of a hawk soaring on the updraft. 

What’s the relationship of all this sketching of late to these experimental Muse journal pieces I do in my groups?  Lately the love of LINE has taken over. Doodly lines on dry paper and wet, made with droppers and dip pens and bamboo pens and spiced up with iridescent acrylic inks.



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