Cherish the notion


acrylic inks, gesso, clear contact paper on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Cherish the notion that life is a garden, thorns and blooms and all.  Cherish the potentialities; not just the ones that smell good, but the ones that break the skin and bite.

As the earth starts to rot and mold, does it make you sad? Or do you go out and sketch those polka dotted ‘shrooms and light fires and inhale deeply those rain soaked leaves and pungent soils?

I try not to be sad when the creeping dark and cold of autumn arrive.  We have little to complain about here in California where the rains are what we most cherish now.  But we have become so addicted to sunshine. . . So there is a transition to make, and as with all things, art helps me across.

We started out in this Monday Muse Group by cutting out shapes in clear contact paper and sticking them on the white paper as a kind of resist.  When the contact paper was taken off it became collage pieces of a harmonious nature to use in finishing off the piece.



  1. Susan, the deep dark nights are hard for me to since I love the sunshine. I really appreciate your phrase, Art helps me across, it really helps to view this time as a transition, and that art can lead the way. Thanks!


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