Happy Thanksgiving!


acrylic on crinkled Masa paper mounted on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Our newspaper arrived this morning, 2 inches thick with Black Friday sales.  My own little holiday attraction/repulsion thing is activated.  The antidote is, for a while, the Thanksgiving table groaning under the weight of colorful and aromatic foods and circled by family and friends filling their cups with gratitude. It is also the autumn glory of trees and skies and (in California) greening fields that were grey and parched.

 Sending blessings your way for a bounteous day!



  1. What a lovely thanksgiving blessing. I love your articles and an grateful to be on your list. Marie Burdick Past president Valley watercolor society (Los Angeles)

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  2. Love this piece. How about an outdoor class – landscapes – soon. So enjoying the color and the bit of green that is coming up!
    Be well.


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