Japanese brush pen, fountain pen and watercolor in Strathmore w/c journal, 5.5 X 8″

With no trips planned for a while now, everyday sketches must suffice.  It’s an art to live ones life as if on vacation, and sketching makes that possible for me.  I was trying out my newly purchased Lamy Safari fountain pen, which I love, not so much for the quick sketching.  For that my preference is the brush pen. The fountain pen works better for me as a more deliberate mark, definitely good for writing words.


Oh, the joys of people watching and making the stories unfold as you sketch – not the “real” ones but the imagined ones that are suggested by posture and gesture.


Ben has become a master of coffee matters.  Did you know there is a world championship of coffee making, at least the Aeropress style?!!  After this meal and sketch I was treated to a lesson in how to make Aeropress coffee in the inverted style, which I also sketched.  The morning was half gone and lots left yet to accomplish, but such a great way to start it off!


  1. Susan, I am SO delighted to have discovered your blog. Your work is beautiful, which is an understatement. The manner in which you share your process is so personable; I can almost hear you speaking. What an inspiration you are to the creative mind. Thank you for being here.

    Boni Bronkema-Lawhorn


  2. Hi, Susan! Our Japanese maples are two different varieties, one is your red-orange fire, and the other is just thinking about turning. Adore Ben in his coffee alchemy. The dark of the year approaches again, but you can’t have the sun without winter in-between. I can’t remember how many years it has been since I took my first class and started visiting here. But it has been a few rounds. So, here we go again into the darkness!


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