Sketching the story


sepia ink and dip pen, wet with brush in 9 X 12″ mixed media sketchbook

It’s week 5 of the Sketchbook Skool Kourse titled “Storytelling” and the assignment given by teacher Veronica Lawlor, (author of One Drawing a Day) was to capture movements, actions and expressions in one subject.  Since my son is home right now for a visit . . . well, I guess he didn’t have much choice, since I wasn’t asking for him to pose, just to let his snoopy mom quietly sketch for a few minutes.  I liked this one, but he was mostly still, so there wasn’t much in the “action” department and it looked a bit too finished for what I wanted.


So I asked for some help with yard work (not for the purposes of sketching, mind you), raking up leaves and sweeping.  He was in constant movement, so I stood just out of range with sketchbook and a brush pen and water brush in hand.


No, his brother didn’t show up to help.  He kept turning which was good for practice.


15-20 minutes into it, just as I was getting warmed up, he finished the work, otherwise I think I’d still be there sketching on this lovely fall day.  It always feels impossible to sketch a moving subject.  It takes a suspension of belief to get started (or perhaps a suspension of dis-belief) and then there’s the energy of the effort, which is intoxicating!


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