Andy’s Garden


acrylic and image transfer on w/c paper, 10 x 11″

In Andy’s garden are all manner of plants, and one can bet there are critters in there too. Camouflaged as a flower he hides out, hoping to catch some action as it slithers across his path.

There’s helium in Andy’s balloon garden and all manner of silliness. Tread lightly or you’ll blow his cover!

My Andy is a 6′ 2″ Andrew now, and wears the camouflage of an adult. But thank goodness he’s still got some of the pixie in him.  Guess I’ll have to wait a bit for grandparenthood to be able to play in the helium garden with a little child again.  Or. . .I’ll just keep painting!

We did image transfers using clear contact paper in Monday group. . . Copy a picture in black and white on a toner based copy machine.  Cut it out and put it ink side down on the sticky side of clear contact paper and burnish to get it to stick.  Soak in water a minute or two, then carefully rub off the paper pulp, leaving just the ink.  Wherever the paper was white, with no ink, it will be transparent.  Glue it onto a colorful painting so that you can see the paint through the transparent part.  Keep painting, and if you don’t tell, no one will know how you got that photographic image onto the painting!


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