Sketch a Story


pen and watercolor

An art opening. . .I go to lots of them.  Always wine and snacks and people standing in groups talking and scrutinizing art.  Great subjects for a sketch story.  The only problem is dealing with the impossibility of being invisible while sketching.  Especially when you know most of the people . . .but then you realize that no one cares, and you can just stand there minding your own business (sort of) which is ART after all and scribble your pen around and a story appears.  Not the one you saw when you started, but a new one of your own making.

melaniehomework3Artists DO love color, which is why they’re so fun to paint.



. . .and they’re likely to understand what you’re doing, and even be willing to stand still for a couple minutes while you scribble them down in your book.


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