A Veggie Recipe


Pen and watercolor in Strathmore watercolor sketchbook

My husband and I have been eating more vegetables and protein lately and fewer carbs.  He’s not a steamed veggies kind of guy.  So I’ve learned some ways to make them tastier.  But really, the secret ingredient here is Mirin.  The red and green vegetables together reminds me of the Muse Group lesson today, which was GREEN.  More on that later.

This was the first assignment in the Sketchbook Skool’s online Kourse which started last Friday, to illustrate a recipe. The theme of the course this time around is “Storytelling” , which I find very exciting!  Years ago I took a course in Children’s book writing and illustrating and illustrated a picture book “The Great Hiss” about a mean old snake. This drawing and painting with watercolor now feels like a guilty pleasure, which I plan to indulge while also getting ready for my open studio show which starts this coming weekend. More info on Art TRails Open Studios here.

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