acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Blue is the color of. . .

wave motion, dancing foam and water ballerinas

skies and waters riding each other’s glories through sunny days and into midnights

blue flowers, rare and ready to syncopate the beat of my yellow garden.

Blue makes me blue without yellow.

Continuing with the exploration of color in Monday Muses, we landed on BLUE, a favorite color of many probably because of the following positive associations (from color psychology) “loyalty, trust, integrity, tact, reliability and responsibility, perseverance, caring and concern, idealism authority, contemplation, peacefulness. . .”  Not bad for one color.

But actually many colors!  We tend to have more different blue pigments in our palettes than yellows and reds.  And what good is an ultramarine blue without some golden hue thrown in to show it off?

This color exploration is frutiful on so many different levels, that I will also be using it as a theme in the new monthly Saturday series which starts next week.  There’s still a space if you want to join in.  More info on my website.


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