Take Refuge


smoke painting, gouache, collage, graphite on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Take refuge in others, in the community, in the family, in ancient wisdoms and modern ways.

The voyage commenses when the plane takes off.

The heart beats loudest just before.

The mind wonders “Is this right? 

Have I got the timing right?

Have I prepared properly?”

The answer is always yes. 

Yes, go.

Yes, live.

Yes, take refuge in your world which is ready and waiting for you to step into it.

The Saturday group met today for a lesson in Smoke Painting, even as my oldest son was doing the last of his preparations for an extended solo trip to Europe.  As I write he is boarding his flight to Stockholm. The butterflies in his stomach seem to have migrated to mine even though I’m not getting on any plane tonight.  So it only seemed right to capture these feelings, caused by a blurring of mother-son boundaries, in the smoke images.  Our advise to our children always ends up being for ourselves as well.  Phone home if you’re in need, or phone your best friend.  Take refuge.



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