More Camping Sketches

Have you tried sketching in the dark around a campfire?  It’s as challenging as sketching a bird in flight, except that you can’t see what’s on the paper either.  But, so much fun.


Sharpie Pen and watercolor in 4″ X 8″ handbook brand w/c sketchbook

Oh, and it was also raining, but sitting under towering redwood trees that was not an immediate problem, especially not with watercolor.  We were camping at Gualala Point Regional Park in California, a drought ridden state, but not entirely dry.


The Pearly Everlasting – a lovely flower I wanted to identify – and what a marvelous name it has!


Within minutes of putting our food in the “locked” food safe I surprised this little fellow who’d snuck in through a hole to raid the larder.  After that he was always somewhere nearby watching for his next chance. . .along with the blue jays.


The campground was humming with activity under the redwoods at nightfall with many fires.


I think I have gotten quite weary of painting beaches for so many years.  So I threw in some feet for interest, sketching and painting this time while the wind flapped the paper around.  But once again, it’s the obstacles that loosen me up and add interest.


Suzanne’s husband Scot – always a willing subject, especially in his favorite red shirt!


Finding a spot of morning sun I settled in with my coffee to sketch the closest object – my precious Coleman stove!



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