More Free Concert Sketching


 Pitt Artist pen and watercolor in Handbook brand watercolor sketchbook, 4″ X 8″

Hundreds of people on the Windsor (CA) town green in lawn chairs or on blankets, eating and drinking and listening to a free concert – Slim Jenkins playing Voodoo Blues.  After a glass of wine I just pick up my pen and go at it.


Something about the live music and relaxed summer evening and the only ones working are the musicians and food venders. . .allows random lines and deliciously sloppy watercolors. . . and then I get up and dance with the crowd in the still sunny evening light.


Then later in the week, we went to the Rivertown Revival in Petaluma on the river.  These Petaluma folks are rightly proud about their town and its lively spirit.  Lots of them were in Steam Punk regalia too.  Using the full spread I sketched the Incubators on one side and The Sam Chase on the other.  They were both seriously rocking! (the painting got done next day at home) I didn’t get all the members of either group but just the ones I could see from my seat.  Drummers missing!


Tombow brush pen which bleeds when wet – good for instant shading.

But I wasn’t done so at home I did a couple more sketches from Bob’s photos.



Some day I’ll get some Steam Punk attire. . .maybe. . .at least now I have one of those parasols!



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