Reaching for the sun


 acrylic ink texture printing, acrylics, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

reaching for the sun 

casting it like a discus

he is both bound and bound-less

the child of volcanic eruption

all fire and molten rock

yet he is the lightest of fibers

fine filaments that fit between the tightest boulders

move them ever so slowly over eons

while we think, in our heavy footed earthen way

that the shape of things now has always been

we worship the god Mercury for his speed

misjudging the movement of time

thinking it can be held in a human hand

 One of my favorite themes – the human body bound and yet transcendent.  This theme of volcanic eruption clearly precipitated by my recent stay in Lasson Volcanic National Park.

The technique is a simple print making one using plastic wrap coated with ink for the transfer.



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